• Experience contemporary Israeli art and culture.

  • Encounter Israel’s multi-cultural diversity.

  • Meet with influential leaders, visionaries and agents of change.

  • Discover the inspired innovation of the Start Up Nation.

  • Connect to the past and envision the future.

  • Learn more through in-depth briefings on geopolitics, security challenges

       and co-existence.

  • Engage with Palestinian and Israeli settler activists who seek to find common ground.

  • Be inspired by Israel’s heroes.

  • Uncover the epic history and heritage of the Jewish people and Israel.

  • Enjoy Shabbat in Jerusalem by connecting with shared traditions and faith.

  • Build and strengthen community bonds.

  • Experience high-energy outdoor active adventures.

  • Taste Israel’s rich and unique culinary landscape.

  • Travel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem; north to south; and everywhere in between.


For questions about this trip, please contact:

Your name or your representative's name, Mission Organizer, "your Synagogue name," yoursynagoguename@gmail.com or 123-456-789

For questions concerning logistics, hotels and / or travel in Israel, please contact:

Cheri S. Levitan, Director, Kenes Tours - USA, at cherilevitan@kenes-tours.com

or +1.770.722.9299


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