The relationship between North American Jewry and the State of Israel is increasingly complex. We at "your Synagogue name" believe it’s important to create and share traditional experiences in Israel with synagogue members, but also to expose participants to new ways of seeing the country and learning about the challenges of Jewish life in Israel today.

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Trip dates: Sep.12-20, 2020

For all ages...Discover Israel past & present...

Be inspired... Be amazed... Be delighted.

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Kenes Tours' mission and guiding passion is to host visitors from around the world and to share all that Israel-this amazing country-has to offer through life-changing experiences.


For questions about this trip, please contact:

Your name or your representative's name, Mission Organizer, "your Synagogue name," or 123-456-789

For questions concerning logistics, hotels and / or travel in Israel, please contact:

Cheri S. Levitan, Director, Kenes Tours - USA, at

or +1.770.722.9299


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